Michael Echenberg, dedicated trustee, loving father and husband - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Michael Echenberg, dedicated trustee, loving father and husband

Prospect Schools mourns the loss of Michael Echenberg, a member of the Prospect Schools Board of Trustees. Michael died on August 27, at the far-too-young age of 48. The father of two Prospect School students, Michael was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in September 2019. He was a dear friend, a beloved father, husband, son, brother, uncle, community member, and someone who was, quite simply, a true lover of learning.

Michael Echenberg and his wife, Janis. 

“Michael was an exceptional board member and advocate for Prospect Schools. He asked the sharpest questions and pushed us to get better. He was smart, witty, and kind and it’s clear that was who he was in all aspects of his life. His voice will definitely be missed.” – Tresha Ward, CEO, Prospect Schools

“I was most inspired by Michael in learning that, given the likely outcome of his stage of cancer, he chose to spend some of his remaining time and energy continuing to serve others. I feel blessed to have known him and will hold him in our thoughts as we say his name with the Kaddish this Friday.” – Daniel Rubenstein, Co-founder and former CEO of Prospect Schools

“Michael’s commitment to service as a Brooklyn Prospect Trustee was unwavering. He showed up smiling and prepared for meetings despite his own physical discomfort. True to his character, he humbly worked with the Board and leadership to help Brooklyn Prospect follow its mission and serve all of our students and community to the fullest with his insightful questions and outside-the-box perspective. I cherish the time that I served with him and the conversations that we had. We are so lucky that he chose to dedicate his time and energy during the last several years to Brooklyn Prospect’s Board. He left us too soon and will be missed.” – Jill Inbar, fellow former trustee/chair for Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

“The thing about Michael was that I was always eager to hear what he had to say. He had the most thoughtful questions ever and they came from a place of dedication and respect. I only knew him for two years and never met him in person, but I wish I could have been his friend.” – Gravelle Pierre, Chair of Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

“Michael was one of the most thoughtful and brightest people I’ve ever gotten a chance to work with. His passion for the success of our schools was boundless, and he always participated in conversations with the highest level of respect and kindness. He will be sorely, sorely missed.” – Sam Koch, member of the Prospect Schools Board of Trustees

“From the moment Michael started on the board, he brought his full presence—asking thoughtful questions, listening deeply, and sharing important perspectives. We are grateful for his collaboration and support of Prospect Schools.” – Sara Keenan, member of the Prospect Schools Board of Trustees

In an announcement put out by his temple, Congregation Beth Elohim, Michael was described as “brilliant, kind, and humble.” He was an ardent supporter of Prospect Schools. Michael was involved in various committees such as Finance & Audit, Facilities, and Academic Oversight. Michael will be missed by many, whose lives he touched during his short time on earth.