Downtown Elementary travels to the Dominican Republic - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Downtown Elementary travels to the Dominican Republic

This week, Brooklyn Prospect’s Downtown Elementary School “traveled” to the Dominican Republic as part of the school’s cross-disciplinary Anytime, Anywhere program.

Focusing on several countries or cities each year, Anytime, Anywhere gives elementary schools the chance to learn about other cultures around the world, spending two months studying their history, language, art, music, and more before celebrating their destination with a day of festivities at the school. Anytime, Anywhere was developed according to the pillars of the International Baccalaureate program and encourages internationalism for our students while underscoring the importance of knowing about the world outside of our own country.

DTES faculty, staff and parents work together to bring the destination to life for the students with musical performances, cultural demonstrations, food tasting, dancing, and much more.

Below, photos from the school’s visit to the Dominican Republic this month. Special thanks to DTES parent Gabriel Noble for the images!