Donating stocks - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Donating shares of stock is a great way to support Brooklyn Prospect!

Did you know that your gift could go further by donating stock directly?

If you own stock or a mutual fund that has appreciated in price since you purchased it, consider using that asset for your charitable giving. You get an income tax deduction for the full market value of donated securities that you have owned more than one year and you will avoid the capital gains tax on the appreciated value.

To transfer securities to Brooklyn Prospect, please provide your broker with the following instructions, which will enable them to electronically transfer your stock to Brooklyn Prospect:

FFC Account of: Brooklyn Prospect Charter School (BPCS)
BPCS Federal Tax ID: 26-3206518
Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
DTC Participant Number: 0902
Credit Account Number: P72500
FFC Account Number: E85445006

For mutual funds, to initiate the process, please ask your broker to contact us at 718.643.1086 x4041 or We will help coordinate the request.

Important Notes: To take advantage of the tax benefits of gifting appreciated stock, your shares should not be sold but rather TRANSFERRED to Brooklyn Prospect. And please instruct your broker to include your name and address. Some brokers will not send this information unless instructed. Transfers without the FFC account information may be delayed or rejected.

In addition to instructing your broker, please notify us of your donation so we can identify your gift in our brokerage account. Please call or email us with the information at 718.643.1086 x4041 or