Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Welcome to Hispanic Heritage Month at our Windsor Terrace campus, where middle and high school students have been busy divining creative and colorful ways to celebrate their heritage this past month. Encompassing art, music, film, dance, fashion, food, and more, the celebrations have included: designing a world map to highlight student and faculty families’ countries of origin; playing an HHM-themed playlist every Monday morning in the lobby; arranging an empanada tasting during lunch; hosting a screening of the movie Selena; “wear your country” days; and, finally, an All School Assembly in which Hispanic-identifying students and faculty discussed their identity and showed off their pride.

“Creating celebrations that honor and represent all the identities in our school is important for our students and faculty, so that we may feel seen as part of the larger Brooklyn Prospect community,” says Jazmin Torres, School Culture Assistant at Windsor Terrace Middle School. “It is important to create a sense of pride amongst our Latinx/Hispanic population, especially since rhetoric surrounding Latinx/Hispanic identity isn’t always positive. Multi-faceted representation at our school shows the richness that exists within our community.”