Advisory Program - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Advisory Program


The Brooklyn Prospect Advisory Program pairs adult members of the Brooklyn Prospect Community with small groups of students. The purpose of the Advisory Program is to help each student reach his or her potential. There are two main objectives that support this mission: The first is to help students develop socially and emotionally as part of a supportive small group; the second is to help students strengthen their cognitive skills and advance their pursuit of knowledge. To achieve these goals, Advisory combines activities, discussions and reflections to open students’ minds, grant them persistence in learning, help them to develop caring attitudes towards the world and people around them, and give them the ability to reflect and think critically about themselves and their world. Thus, the advisory curriculum is geared towards developing inter- and intrapersonal skills, organizational skills, career exploration, and preparing students for success in the global community.

Major Goals

To give students the opportunity to establish supportive connections with other members of the Brooklyn Prospect community:

  • Advisees will have a strong and consistent relationship with the advisor and peer group
  • Parents will feel confident that their families are well known by their advisors
  • Advisors will get to know advisees as students and as individuals

To engage students in regular academic advising and coaching:

  • Advisees will have easy and regular access to academic advice from an advisor who actively monitors their progress
  • Advisees will engage regularly in goal-setting and self-assessment
  • Advisees will develop study and organizational skills that will support academic success
  • Advisees will work towards developing their interests and passions
  • Advisees will work with Advisory curriculum which strengthens their skills
  • Advisors will provide oversight of and coaching around major projects
  • Advisees will learn to advocate for themselves and deal effectively with adults

Group Size: 9-13 students
Group Organization: Grade-specific; mixed gender
Time Length: Varies by grade level.