FAQ - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School


General Application Information

  • Who can apply? How old must my child be in order to apply?

    You can apply to Prospect Schools in the calendar year that your child turns 5-years-old. (In other words, your child must turn 5-years-old by December 31 of the year they are admitted to kindergarten.)
  • How do I apply?

    You can submit a SchoolMint application at this link. Simply sign up and create an account to get started on your application. You may easily check and/or review your application status at any time by signing into your SchoolMint account.
  • My student is currently enrolled at Prospect Schools. Do I need to re-enroll for next year?

    All Brooklyn Prospect families are automatically given a seat for the following school year. But to confirm placement, families must enter their decision after they return from winter break. Schools will reach out with instructions before the re-enrollment period begins.
  • Do I need to reapply if I submitted a common online application through the NYC Charter Center?

    If you submitted a Brooklyn Prospect application through the NYC Charter Center, your application will automatically transfer to our database. There’s no need to submit more than one application.
  • Is my application cancelled if I have a pending district or other school application?

    Acceptance to Brooklyn Prospect does not affect and is not affected by the NYC DOE admissions process. The DOE and charter school acceptances run parallel and are completely separate processes.
  • How can I edit my application?

    Login to your SchoolMint account to edit your application. If you need support to access your account please contact SchoolMint support directly.
  • How can I change the grade level in my application?

    If you need to change the grade level in your application, please email your request to Admissions at admissions@brooklynprospect.org.
  • How can I contact SchoolMint support?

    To contact the SchoolMint support desk you can call (855) 957-3535 or email support@schoolmint.com.
  • Can I transfer my student mid-year?

    Mid-year transfers are rare. After October, we evaluate admission to every grade on a case-by-case basis to determine if we will have seats available. Please apply on our website to be added to the waitlist.

Lottery Application

  • What is the lottery application?

    To apply for intake grades (Kindergarten, 6th, or 9th grade), you must submit a lottery application between October and April. We will run a lottery only for these grade levels.
  • What are lottery preferences?

    Please click here for information on lottery preferences listed by school.
  • How and when are lottery results released?

    Lottery results are released 24-48 hours after the lottery. Results are sent to the applicant's communication preference, by email and/or text. You can also login to your SchoolMint account to check your status at any time.
  • How do I accept my offer?

    To accept an offer, login to your SchoolMint account. There’s an option under your "Student Dashboard" to "Accept" or "Decline" the offer. If you accept the offer, a button to register will appear. Instructions will follow once you complete your online registration.
  • Should I reapply if I do not receive an offer?

    Once you have submitted a lottery or waitlist application, there is no need to reapply until your student reaches an intake year: 6th or 9th grade. To clarify, 5th & 8th grade waitlist applications will not rollover to the 6th and 9th grade. You must reapply to the 6th or 9th grade to enter our lottery.
  • If my student is accepted, what documents do I need to have available for registration?

    Please visit this page for a list of acceptable proof documentation.

Waitlist Application

  • What is the waitlist application?

    To apply for non-intake grades (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12) you must submit a waitlist application before the rollover to a new school year.
  • What is the waitlist rollover?

    At beginning of every school year, there’s an automatic rollover of our post-lottery and waitlist applications to the succeeding school year. Applications will close during this week-long rollover.
  • If waitlisted, how can I find my waitlist number?

    Once you login to your SchoolMint account all waitlist numbers are accessible under the “Student Dashboard”. You may also check your application status at any time by accessing your SchoolMint account.
  • Why does my waitlist number keep changing?

    Our waitlist is dynamic, so your position on it may increase or decrease. For example, your number might increase when the sibling of a newly accepted student is pushed to the top of the waitlist; conversely, your number could decrease because a family above your student’s application either withdrew or received an offer.
  • What’s the likelihood of an offer if my student is waitlisted for an intake grade (K, 6th or 9th)?

    This is hard to determine because the likelihood varies from year to year. Following the April 2018 lottery, for example, we made 30 waitlist offers at our Windsor Terrace Middle School. The number of offers are subject to change throughout the school year.
  • What’s the likelihood of an offer if my student is waitlisted for a non-intake grade (1-5, 7-8, or 10-12th grades)?

    On average, 3-5 seats become available annually in our waitlist grades.

Waitlist Application Preferences

  • What are the waitlist preferences?

    Families will move to the top of the waitlist if they are a:
    • Brooklyn Prospect sibling family
    • Child of an employee
    • Transient family
  • Who is eligible for the sibling preference?

    All siblings of current Brooklyn Prospect students have admission priority when a seat becomes available. Students qualify for this preference when a guardian is shared with the attending sibling.
  • Who qualifies as a transient family?

    Families are considered transient if students have documentation demonstrating that they were not residents of New York State at the time of the lottery closing date, and if they:
    • Qualify as an English Language Learner ("ELL")
    • The student’s parent or legal guardian is currently deployed overseas on assignment as a member of the United States Armed Forces
    • Qualify for free or reduced price lunch

Program Related Questions

  • How can I learn more about the program?

    You can find information about our program in the drop down sections above or you can attend one of our Information Sessions. All dates for our information sessions are listed on our website on the Admissions page.
  • How can I tour the school?

    We do not provide tours until a family is accepted into our program. Once you receive an offer, you will have an opportunity to tour the school. Prior to receiving an offer, you are welcome to attend any of our information sessions. Information sessions are open to the public and no RSVP is required. All dates for our information sessions are listed on our website on the Admissions page.
  • What programming is available for Multilingual Learners (English Language Learners)?

    Prospect Schools greatly values and recognizes the many benefits of multilingualism for our students and their families, as well as our school communities. Our schools offer integrated English as a New Language programming that is developed to support each MLL student’s unique academic and linguistic profiles. Programming also varies by campus based on their student populations. When possible, Prospect Schools provides multilingual students with the opportunity to further develop their home language skills (Spanish and Mandarin only). Each school has a designated MLL liaison who may also serve as the dedicated teacher for MLL supports. For more information, please contact: Robin Perenchio, Network MLL/ELL Coordinator. Her email address is rperenchio@prospectschools.org

Registration & Enrollment

  • If my student is accepted, what documents do I need to have available for registration?

    Please visit this page for a list of acceptable proof documentation.
  • How will I know if my student’s registration is complete?

    You will receive an automatic ‘registration complete’ notification via email and/or text that confirms the registration packet is complete and that your student’s seat is safe for the registration period.
  • How will I know when my student is enrolled?

    To complete your student’s enrollment, you must submit the paperwork listed in your ‘registration complete’ notification. Once this is submitted, you will receive a ‘registration verified’ notification.