Results - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Who We Are

7 Schools, teaching K-12



6 average years teaching experience

55%Employees identify as
persons of color

42%Socioeconomically disadvantaged students

16%Special education

“Teaching history at BPCS has allowed me to challenge the old ways of learning about the story of our nation. The students learn that U.S. History means women’s history, Native American history, African American history, Latinx American History, and many others! It’s the History of all of us. Our collective voices all contribute to the narrative of who we are.”

Altovise Laster | 11th Grade Learning Specialist, Brooklyn Prospect High School


Of students who start with BPCS in the 6th grade enroll in a 4-year college or university –
– they also score an average of 100 points higher on the SAT


College Prep

seniors graduated*
enrolled in college*
enrolled in 4-year college/university*
(28% enrolled in 2-year)

When it comes to college, we believe in helping our students find their best fit school: the school that will serve their needs, best.

Below, a selection of the colleges and universities Brooklyn Prospect graduates attend:

IB Diploma Program

3.7 Average GPA

1229 Avg. SAT Score

100%are accepted into and attend a 4-year college

All BPCS Graduates Awarded IB Diploma Program 

“Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is doing nothing less than integrating a city.”

Greg Toppo, USA Today


BPCS students outpaced their peers at other NYC Charters
Schools and across the state in Math and ELA in 2019:

All BPCS Students grades 3-8

Brooklyn Prospect’s Class of 2019 outranked their peers in
total SAT scores at the district, state, and national level:

“A gem in Brooklyn education… all the faculty are phenomenal.”

“I can’t imagine it being better anywhere else… the combination of academic rigor and academic support is exceptional.”

“We feel incredibly fortunate to have become a part of the Brooklyn Prospect community.”

– Brooklyn Prospect Charter School Parents