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Why Brooklyn Prospect?


Brooklyn Prospect is a learning community where both students and adults are encouraged to continually grow and push themselves to meet the ambitious goals of our mission. Our faculty and staff community spans from newly minted teachers and professionals, to others that have been with us for years and have grown into leadership and mentor roles. No matter the stage in your career, there is place for you to thrive at Brooklyn Prospect.

We value:

Innovation: New strategies and tactics are encouraged. We honor curiosity and focus on growth for all students. We are tackling some of the toughest challenges in public school education, and dedicated team members are essential to our continued success. At Brooklyn Prospect, educators are encouraged to be creative in meeting the needs of their diverse classrooms.

Career & Personal Development: Continuous improvement is critical to the organization. We have several feedback tools and exercises to ensure we are always on top of our practice. Class observations, regular 1:1 meetings, professional reviews, student and parent surveys are just some of the ways we keep ourselves learning. Our team members also lead informal classes for faculty through our "Prospector U" program, which helps us to grow together in unexpected ways. Previous Prospector U classes have included: regional Italian cooking, leadership communication, yoga, fitness boot camp, and many more.

Intentional Diversity: We strive every day to create a learning environment that is enriched by students and adults from all walks of life. Through thoughtful lottery preferences and relentless community outreach, we aim to create a student population with no racial or ethnic majority and equal representation from diverse economic backgrounds. This thoughtfulness comes to life in our teaching model grounded in the International Baccalaureate curriculum. We believe in meeting the learning needs of all of our students in an encouraging, affirmative, and empathetic learning environment.


This is the Brooklyn Prospect difference.

Commitment to One Mission

  • We are all united by one purpose: to create the best educational environment for our students.
  • We put in the work required for excellence.


  • We are all Prospectors and all have an important role to play to achieve our mission.
  • We are tenacious in building positive working relationships with colleagues.
  • We celebrate the work of others.


  • We value diversity in thinking and do not assume our way is the only way.
  • We solicit input from peers and stakeholders when making decisions that impact others.
  • We own our decisions and are transparent with our decision making processes.

Continuous Improvement

  • We are empowered by a feedback cycle - up, down, and sideways.
  • We are lifelong learners and constantly seek out best practices.
  • We regularly examine our own assumptions, beliefs, and practices, and use reflections to change our practice.

We are looking for education professionals to join us in this important work and be part of our Brooklyn Prospect community.

Check out our CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES to learn more about roles that may be a great fit for you and apply today!