Tresha Ward, Prospect Schools' CEO, Spotlighted on WNBC 4 New York - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Tresha Ward, Prospect Schools’ CEO, Spotlighted on WNBC 4 New York

Prospect Schools’ CEO Tresha Ward was featured on WNBC 4 New York News. 

The piece, which ran right at the start of the 5 p.m. broadcast on March 15, highlighted Ward, the first Black woman to serve as the CEO of Brooklyn Prospect, a post she’s held since 2021.

“My desire is to make sure that kids have the best education, which helps them open doors to whatever life they want,” said Ward, who has long been an advocate of a solid education or a life filled with opportunities.

A Bronx native, Ward excelled in high school and was accepted into Vanderbilt University, where she majored in premed.

“I quickly realized in my first year that I didn’t have the skills to pursue all the things that I wanted to do,” she said, explaining why she shifted gears and devoted her life to education. “I wanted to ensure no kid got that far and realized they didn’t have the skills to do whatever they wanted.”

The WNBC 4 New York piece said Brooklyn Prospect was “bucking the trend” regarding having women “overrepresented in the classroom, but not at the top.” Under Ward’s tenure, four of the Network’s Senior Leadership team and five of its seven school leaders are women.

“I see the impact on our students,” said Folake Akinola-Pinard, principal of Downtown Elementary School, who was also interviewed for the news segment. I see it in the way our students look at me and in the way they seek advice from me.”

Speaking of students, three Downtown Elementary Prospectors were interviewed for the news segment. First graders Khison, Ky’aire, and Cameron were all interviewed, though only Cameron’s clip made the final edit, which had a particular focus on Women’s History Month. All three gave wonderful answers when asked about what they loved about Brooklyn Prospect and Downtown Elementary Schools. And all three named math as their favorite subject!

The news feature, which will also air Sunday, March 17, at 6 AM, comes just three weeks before Prospect Schools is set to hold a cocktail fundraiser and auction to celebrate 15 years as a charter network. The event is also a push to expand its International Baccalaureate program throughout its K-12 network of 7 schools.

“We are trying to prove and create community that doesn’t exist anywhere, where kids and families and adults from all walks of life—different backgrounds, different ethnicities, are all able to come here and learn, work and thrive together,” Ward said.

See the behind-the-scenes photo below and watch the clip here.