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Parent and PTSO at Windsor Terrace Campus


The PTSO is a great way to connect with school and get to know administrators, teachers, and other families in an inclusive and respectful environment. All families are warmly invited to attend our important PTSO meetings, held regularly throughout the year.

To current families: please consider a leadership role with us. The PTSO seeks to recruit candidates who reflect the wonderful diversity of our student body, are creative thinkers, and have fundraising, leadership, and/or organizational experience, either in a volunteering or professional capacity. 

Parents/guardians play a vital role in the life of our school community. We look forward to partnering with you!


Co-Presidents: Jill Inbar (HS) & Reneé Ciccone (MS),
Vice President High School: Pam Jenkins,
Vice President Middle School: Paula Horowitz,
Treasurer: Jim van Putten,
Communications Secretary: Mary McAveney,
Recording Secretary: Holly Halvarson,

Grade 6 Class Rep: Helen Stewart-Verna:
Grade 7 Class Reps: Angela Kurzawa and Amanda Bass:
Grade 8 Class Reps:  Michelle Palemine-Brown and Eileen Thomas:
Grade 9 Class Rep: Genevieve Villaflor:
Grade 10 Class Rep: Heather Abdel-razeq:
Grade 11 Class Reps: Alison Hess and Sonia Bowen:
Grade 12 Class Reps: Amy Flynn and Matthew Ward:


Box Tops Chair: Eileen Thomas,
Directory Committee Chairs: MS Chair: Heather Abdel-razeq & HS Chair: Iris Finkel
Food and Nutrition: OPEN POSITIONS
Friends of the BPCS Library: Leslie Gallager,, Joan Minieri,
Fundraising Chair: OPEN POSITIONS,
Garden and Landscaping: Amy Crews,
Mulee School Supplies Chair: Eileen Thomas,
Arts Committee Chair: Manly Romero & OPEN POSITION,
Photo Day Chair: Una Weiss,
Photography Committee Chairs: Nathalie Schueller & Susan Fox,
Sports Committee Chair: Stephanie Manske,
Spring Gala & Auction Committee:, Donation/Auction Chair: Cynthia Swartz,; Coordinating-Scheduling Chair -- Manly Romero,