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Downtown Elementary Faculty & Staff

Folake Akinola-Pinard


Wellesley College, B.A.; Columbia University, Teachers College, M.A.

Folake Akinola-Pinard started her career in education in 1997. After teaching Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades in both public and charter schools for a total of 15 years, she began taking on leadership roles, serving as a Mentor Teacher, Dean of Students, Head of Youth Development and School Culture and Head of Resident Teacher Development.

Principal Akinola-Pinard believes that all children and families should have access to a quality education and has used her leadership roles in schools as tools to serve as an agent of change. Through her work as a teacher, a school leader, and a volunteer for a non-profit dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth of young people around the world, Principal Akinola-Pinard has seen the power of an education that teaches both academic skills and a strong mindset. She believes deeply in the BPCS mission that charges excellent teachers to prepare a diverse student body to have a positive impact on society and a lifelong passion for learning. By serving as a leader in true partnership with all members of the DTES community, Principal Akinola-Pinard believes that with our mission as the foundation, we can change the world, one student at a time.

Alexandra Copeland

Lead Teacher

George Washington University, B.A.; Relay, M.A.

Amber Brown

Resident Teacher

State University of New York, B.A.

Anabel Rivera

Operations Coordinator

Binghamton University, B.S.

Andrea Gashi

Spanish Teacher

CUNY York College, B.A.; Mercy College, M.A.

Andrea Khan

Head of Operations

Montclair State University, B.A., New York University, M.A.

Andrea Molina

Program Manager

Pace University, B.A.

Andrene Robinson

Learning Specialist

Hunter College, B.S.; Hunter College M.S.

Angela Park

Lead Teacher

SUNY Stony Brook, B.A., Columbia University, Teachers College, M.A.

Anita Walsh


Parsons School of Design, B.A., George Washington University, M.Ed.

Anyia Alston


Ashley Tucker

Director of School Culture

Avery Williams


SUNY, College at Westbury, B.A.

Cara Dempsey

Lead Teacher

Charmaine Forde Woolfolk


Craig Maynard

PE Teacher

Damion Burton

Building Manager

Dana Lauchner

Learning Specialist

University of Texas at Austin, B.S.

Deika Daniel Fils

Program Aide

Diana Wangerin-Foster

Musical Theater/Instructional Support Teacher

SUNY Purchase College, B.A., Hunter College, M.A.

Doreen May-Davis

Program Aide

Boricua College, B.A.

Drew McCann

Learning Specialist

Cornell University, B.S.; Bank Street College, M.A.

Drew Pallas

Classroom Aide

Elizabeth Willingham

Head of Litearcy Instruction

Emily Vandehey

Head of Academics

University of Oregon, B.A.; Lewis and Clark University, M.A.

Erin Shadowens

Lead Teacher

St John's College, B.A.; Relay GSE, M.A.; Columbia University Teacher's College, M.A.

Hanaa Butcher

Lead Teacher

Grace Lindsey

Director of Operations

Jaada Stewart

Program Aide

Jenna Talesnick

Dean of Students

George Washington University, B.A.; Columbia University School of Social Work, M.S.S.W.

Jennifer Choi

Lead Teacher

Stony Brook University, B.A.; Columbia University, Teachers College, M.A.

Jericha Sotomayor


Jessica Higgins

Learning Specialist

Jessica Snyder

Lead Teacher

Temple University, B.S.; Temple University, M.S.

Julia Cho

Spanish Teacher

Rutgers University, B.A.

Kendra Thomas

Lead Teacher

Delaware State, B.A.

Keneshia Maxwell

Head of Academics

Khalea Milligan

Food Service Coordinator

Kingsborough Community College, Culinary Arts Program

Kishan Singh

Lead Teacher

City College of New York, B.A.

Lusdymer Pichardo

Lead Teacher

Yale University, B.A.; University of New Haven, M.A.

Mandy Ip

Lead Teacher

SUNY Binghamton, B.A.; Hunter College, M.S.

Marin Malki

Lead Teacher

Matthew Lazarus

Lead Teacher

Bard College, B.A.

Melina Garcia

Lead Teacher

City College of New York, B.A., Touro College, M.A.

Monica De Jesus

Classroom Aide

Bronx Community College

Nairi Touryan


Wesleyan University, B.A.; Relay Graduate School of Education, M.A.

Nicole Cimoch

Science Teacher

Grand Valley State University, B.S.; University of Chicago, M.A.

Noraida Colon


Amherst College, B.A.; Hunter College, M.A.

Peyton Clune

Resident Teacher

University of Kansas, B.A.

Ramsey Jeremie

Dean of Students

Raven Dantzler


St John's University, B.A.; Long Island University, M.S.

Ruth Louis

Learning Specialist

Hunter College, B.A.

Samantha Joseph

Operations Coordinator

Lehman College, B.A.

Sarah Heffernan

Lead Teacher

Hampshire College, B.A.; Smith College, M.A.

Sarah Nazryan

Temporary Lead Teacher

Sophia Vazquez


University of Tennessee, Knoxville, B.A.

Sophia Yonezuka


Temple University, B.A. & M.A.

Thaddeus Evans

Head of Math Instruction

Tasha Edwards

Program Aide

Yolande Tyrell

Lead Teacher

Touro College, B.S.

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