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Clinton Hill Middle School Faculty & Staff

Jaclyn DeLuca


Macalester College, B.A., Pace University, M.S.

Jaclyn (Jackie) DeLuca is the Founding Principal of Brooklyn Prospect Clinton Hill Middle School. She joined Brooklyn Prospect Charter School in 2012 as a middle school reading intervention specialist. During her tenure at Brooklyn Prospect, she has demonstrated tremendous leadership in pioneering key strategic initiatives to improve the quality of reading and writing instruction across our middle and high schools. A seasoned educator and experienced administrator, Jackie understands the transformational impact that developing rich reading lives can have on young minds.

Jackie received her B.A. in psychology from Macalester College and her M.A. from Pace University, where she majored in middle school education and specialized in working with students with disabilities. Jackie’s deep understanding of the importance of student literacy was ignited early in her career when she served as a Teach for America Corps member at Mott Hall III Academy in the Bronx, and later as a founding special education teacher and special education coordinator at Achievement First East New York Middle School in Brooklyn. Prior to joining Brooklyn Prospect, Jackie was also awarded a Michael Jordan Foundation grant, which she used to plan and orchestrate the full development of a middle school library, converted from a vacant classroom.

Since the opening of Clinton Hill Middle School in 2016, the school’s students and teachers have benefitted immensely from Jackie’s knowledge, teaching experience, and determination to foster a warm and inviting educational environment.

Abigail Russell

PE Teacher

Brooklyn College, B.S.

Alek Stevens

Math Teacher

Alex Berzofsky

ELA Intern

Harvard University, B.A.

Alice Ng

Math Teacher

Smith College, B.A.; Relay, M.A.

Ashley Rios

Assistant Dean of Students

Stony Brook University, B.S.

Ashley Thompson


University of South Florida, B.A.; Fordham University, M.S.W.

Asija Bailey

Science Teacher and Learning Specialist

The Sage Colleges, B.S.; New York University, M.A.

Bradley Jensen

ELA Teacher

University of New Hampshire, B.A.; Boston College, M.Ed

Brannon O'Connor

Learning Specialist

Wheaton College, B.A.

Cheyanne Traill

ELA Resident

Queens College, B.A.

Courtney Sakamoto

Director of School Operations

Rutgers University, B.A.; Johns Hopkins University, MSEd

Creilyn Reynoso


Franklin K. Lane High School

Danielle Camero

Learning Specialist, Student Support Services Department Head

University of San Deigo, B.A., University of Hawaii, Post-Baccalaureate

Darian Sanders

ELA/Humanities Learning Specialist

Wesleyan, B.A.; Relay Graduate School of Education, M.A.

Diamond Victor

Program Coordinator

High School for Enterprise Business & Technology

Edwin Robles

Science Teacher

California State University, San Marcos, B.S.; New York University, M.A.

Erica Salomon

Behavioral RTI Counselor

University of Vermont, B.A.; New York University, M.S.W.

Fisnik Kadriu

Building Manager

Freyal Shah

Humanities Teacher

Michigan State University, B.A.; Relay Graduate School of Education, M.A.T.

Germaine Greene

Dean of Students

Trinity College, B.A., Long Island University, M.S.

Haley Siegel

Learning Specialist

Michigan St., B.A.

Hyein DeGannes

Mandarin Teacher & World Language Department Head

Renmin University of China, B.A., Shanghai Normal University, M.A., New York University, M.A.

Jamica Craig

Math Teacher, Math Department Head

University of South Florida, B.A.; Concordia University, M.Ed.

Jamie Pereira

Learning Specialist

New York University, B.A., University of Texas at Austin, M.S., CUNY Hunter College, M.S.

Jennifer Richardson

Science Teacher

Boston University, B.A.; Relay Graduate School Education, M.A.

Jessica Ruperto-Rivera

Guidance Counselor

CUNY Queens, B.A. & M.A.

Kalisha Montoyo

Art & Spanish Teacher

Pratt Institute, B.A.

Keenan King

Dean of Students

Virginia State University, B.A.

Kelly Vaughan

Science Teacher, Math Department Head

Stanford University, B.A., Columbia University, Teachers College, M.A.

Martial Toussaint

Director of School Culture

Brown University, B.A.

Matt Ellis


Boston College, B.A.; Lehman College, M.S.; Baruch College, M.Ed

Maximillion Smith


Mayu Ishikawa

Learning Specialist

Brown University, B.A.

Megan Korngold

ELA Teacher

University of Georgia, B.A., University of Georgia, M.A.; Fordham, M.S.

Monique Mighty

Social Worker

Concordia College, B.S.W.; Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service, M.S.W.

Myra Milam

ELA Learning Specialist

Truman State University, B.A.; Columbia University M.S.

Patrick Rattoballi

Program Operations Manager

Binghamton University, B.A., University of Pennsylvania, M.A.

Rachel Davis

7th Grade ELA/Humanities Learning Specialist

CUNY School of Professional Studies, B.A.; Hunter College of Education, M.S.

Sarah Whalen

Learning Specialist

William Smith College, B.A.; William Smith and Hobart Colleges, M.A.T.

Sherry Qiu

Mandarin Teacher

Leshan Normal University, B.A.; New York University M.A.

Sommer Pirrung

Spanish Teacher

University of Pittsburgh, B.S.; Temple University, M.S.Ed

Spencer Eagle


Stephanie Marchena

Visual Arts Teacher

Columbia University, B.A.; NYU Steinhardt, M.A.

Sydney Parker

Dance Teacher

University of Maryland, B.A.

Tracy Garrison-Feinberg

Humanities Teacher

The University of Texas at Austin, B.S., The University of Texas at Austin, M.A.

Tracey Graham

After School Program Manager

University of Phoenix, B.S.

Wes Webb

Musical Theatre Teacher

University of Minnesota, B.Mus.; New York University, M.F.A.

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