Faculty & Staff - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Brooklyn Prospect High School Faculty & Staff

Kim Raccio, EdD

High School Principal

Southern Connecticut State University, B.S., Columbia University, Teachers College, M.A., University of Bath, Ed.D

Kim joined the Brooklyn Prospect family in 2012 as the Founding Principal of Brooklyn Prospect High School. During her tenure, the new high school became one of the few non-select New York City public schools to be authorized as an International Baccalaureate World School offering the prestigious Diploma Program. Her further roles as Elementary Leadership Resident and Principal, New School Development for Prospect Schools gave Kim diverse platforms from which to create and implement professional development programs, school culture processes and academic programs that embody the Prospect Schools’ mission: to build and grow learning communities where excellent teachers prepare diverse student bodies to have a positive impact on society and a lifelong passion for learning. 

Prior to working with Brooklyn Prospect, Kim pioneered a groundbreaking, integrated educational program at the Kingham Hill School in Oxfordshire, England between 2007-2012. She also spent more than a decade in the classroom working as an elementary and high school science teacher at several schools in Connecticut.

Never one to stop learning, Kim completed her Ed.D in International Education at the University of Bath (UK) in 2020. She also serves on accreditation teams for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Kim earned a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science from Southern Connecticut State University, where she also received her Educator Certificate in biology.

Adrian Sealy

School Culture Program Aide

Oakwood University, B.A.

Aisha Siddiqui

Science Teacher

University of Delaware, B.S.; New York University, M.A.

Akilah Baptiste

Dean of Students

Syracuse University, B.A.

Allison Balogh

College Counselor & College Department Coordinator

Washington University in St. Louis, B.A.; Columbia University, M.S.S.W.

Allison Shyer

Visual Arts Teacher

Bard College, B.A.; Hunter College, M.F.A.

Altovise Laster

Student Support Services Department Head

Florida International University, B.A., The City College of New York, Ed.M.

Amos "AJ" Ryan

Director of School Culture & Principal-in-Residence

University of Valley Forge, B.A.; Stony Brook University, M.A.

Anastasia Strobel

Science Learning Specialist

Gordon College, B.S.

Ary Wall

Humanities Teacher

University of Oklahoma, B.A.; New York University, M.A.

Ashley Brown

9th Grade Level Leader & Dance Teacher

Spelman College, B.A., Florida State University, M.F.A.

Ayesu Lartey

Performing Arts Teacher

University of Wisconsin Parkside, B.A., NYU Tisch, M.F.A.

Bharathi Kurtz

Math Teacher & Math Department Coordinator

University of Miami, B.S.; Hunter College, M.A.

Bria McCallum

Humanities Teacher

Howard University, B.S.; Relay Graduate School of Education, M.A.

Bridget Parker

Academic Counselor

City College of NY, B.A.; Brooklyn College, M.S.Ed.

Brittney Hart

School Culture Program Aide

University Heights High School; John Jay College, A.S. candidate

Caitlyn Homol

IB Teaching & Learning Coordinator & Psychology Teacher

The Ohio State University, B.A.; Johns Hopkins University, M.S.Ed.

Carolyn Mshooshian

English Teacher

Worcester State University, B.A.; Simmons College, M.A.

Chris Martin

Humanities Teacher

Lancaster Bible College, B.S.; Brooklyn College, M.A.

Chris McCoy

After School Program Manager

The City College of New York, B.A.

Christina Chong

NYU Resident Teacher

Cornell University - Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Minor in Biology

Cristian Pancorbo

World Language Department Head

University of Valencia, B.S. & M.A.

Danielle Berkowitz

Arts Department Head

Emerson College, B.F.A.; Relay Graduate School of Education, M.Ed.

Darlyn Gomez

11th Grade Level Leader & English Teacher

City College of New York, B.A., New York University, EMAT candidate

Darren Villante

Buiding Manager

AS, St. Johns University

Dawn Reeves

School Culture Program Aide

John Jay College, B.S.; CUNY Kingsborough Community College, A.A.S.

Destiny Alexis

Operations Program Aide

City Tech, B.T. & A.A.S.

Ella Hepner

Spanish Teacher

Carnegie Mellon University, B.A.

Ellen Watkins

Science Teacher


Emn Haddad-Friedman

English Department Head

Bard College, B.A., Bard College, M.A.

Enuma Menkiti

Director of College Counseling

Williams College, B.A., Columbia University, M.A.; St. Peter's College, M.A.

Erin Eckstein

English Teacher

Barnard College, B.A., Stanford University Graduate School of Education, M.A.

Gavin Nangle

Humanities Department Head

Columbia University, B.A., Columbia University, M.A.

Grace Yang

Mandarin Teacher & World Language Department Coordinator

Texas Christian University, B.S.; Hunter College, M.A.

Graham Schneider

12th Grade Level Leader & Theory of Knowledge Teacher

Carleton College, B.A.; Harvard Graduate School of Education, Ed.M.

Gregory Stepp

Spanish Teacher

Ohio University, B.A. & M.A.

Heather Sherman

Science Teacher & Science Department Coordinator

The College of William and Mary, B.S.; City College, M.S.; Brooklyn College, MEd

Heather Williams

English Learning Specialist

Indiana University, B.A.; Sacred Heart University, M.A.

Jack Tucker

World Language Learning Specialist

University of Missouri, B.A., BSEd, M.Ed

Jaime Gualpa


Berkeley College, A.A.S.

Jamie Vaughan

Director of Academic Programs

Miami University, B.A., Boston University, M.Ed.

Jennifer Chapin

Humanities Teacher

Brown University, B.A.; CUNY Brooklyn College School of Education, M.A.

Jennifer Pierre

IEP/504 Coordinator

Drexel University, B.S., Drexel University, M.S.

Jesse Keefe

Managing Dean of Students

SUNY Geneseo, B.A.; Villanova University, M.S.

Joe Zubin

Food Service

John Ianniello

Career Counselor & CAS Coordinator

Fordham University, B.S.; Hunter College, MS.Ed

Jonah Frank

Athletics Teacher

Texas A&M University, B.S.; Xavier University, M.Ed.

Johnncy Ryan

Operations Program Manager

Belleville High School

Jordan Watson

Humanities Teacher

New York University, B.A., New York University, M.A.

Justin Wang

Social Worker

McGill University, B.A., Columbia University, M.A.; Columbia University, M.Ed.

Justine Chess

Head of Instruction

Vanderbilt University, B.S.; Relay Graduate School of Education, M.A.

Katie Luecke

Science Learning Specialist

University of Utah, B.S.; University of Missouri, M.A.

Kevin Gibbs

Director of School Operations

Mississippi Valley State University, B.S. & M.S.; Lamar University, M.Ed.

Krystal Bostick

College Counselor

Lincoln University, B.S.; Columbia University, M.S.W.

Laney Overton Karnes

Humanities Learning Specialist

Trevecca Nazerene University, B.A.; Lipscomb University, M.Ed.

Leslie Gallager


Trinity College, B.A., Pratt Institute, M.S.

Lizbeth Arias

Math Learning Specialist

California Baptist University, B.A.; Relay Graduate School of Education, M.Ed.

Lori Shuman

Health Teacher

Cal State Northridge, B.A., Cal State Sonoma, M.A.

Mariko Uechi

Humanities Learning Specialist

Clark University, M.A.; Johns Hopkins University, M.S.

Mark Mejia


Abraham Lincoln High School

Mary Patrick

Humanities Teacher

Colorado College, B.A.; Columbia University, M.A.; New York University, M.A. & M.A.

Melody Wei

Science Teacher

University of California, Berkeley, B.A.

Michael Kelley

Humanities Learning Specialist

Saint Mary's College of Maryland, B.A.; Norte Dame of Maryland University, M.A.

Michael Vargas

Math Teacher

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, B.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville, M.S.

Michal Clarke

Math Learning Specialist

University of Nevada, B.S.

Monica Mehta

Spanish Teacher

Rutgers University, B.A.

Mykey Adme

Dance & Tech. Theater

College of Staten Island, B.A.; Relay Graduate School of Education, M.Ed.

Nadiyah Ford

English Learning Specialist

Bard College, A.A.; DePauw University, B.A.; Relay Graduate School of Education, M.Ed.

Natacha Jospitre

Math Learning Specialist

State University of Purchase, B.S.; Brooklyn College, M.A.

Nora Elnagar

College Counselor

Fordham University, B.A.; CUNY Hunter College, MEd.

Olga Florentino

Spanish Teacher

Manhattanville College, B.A.; Middlebury College, M.A.

Omar Joseph

Athletics Department Head

St. Francis College, B.S.; Relay Graduate School of Education, M.A.

Paige Watson

Academic Counselor

American University, B.A.; Columbia University, M.S.W.

Peter Quirk

Science Teacher

Hunter College, M.S.

Poesis Silagan-Bush

Social Worker

Pitzer College, B.A., University of Edinburgh, M.A.; New York University, M.A.

Rachael Hanson

Science Learning Specialist

Washington & Jefferson College, B.A.

Rachel Griffin

Math Teacher

Samford University, B.S., University of Mississippi, M.A.

Rachel Sitts

Science Teacher

University of Rochester, B.S.; Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, M.S.

Robert Hendrix

Dean of Students

SUNY Potsdam, A.A.

Rodney Frazier

Physical Education Teacher

Benedict College, B.A.

Rycki Spiller

ELA Learning Specialist

Ithaca College, B.A.; Grand Canyon University, M.A.

Samantha Gonzalez

Student Support Services Department Head

Columbia College, B.A.; Relay Graduate School of Education, M.A.

Samuel Mateo

Art Teacher

Pratt Institute, M.A.

Sandra Montoya

Spanish Teacher

University of Valencia, B.S. & MSEd; University of Barcelona, M.S.

Selwyn Robertson

Academic Program Aide

St. Joseph College, B.A.

SiWei Gong

Mandarin Teacher

Central China Normal University, B.A. & M.A.; City University of New York, M.A.

Steven Fletcher

Math Teacher

Cornell University, B.A.; Georgetown University, M.P.P.; New York University, M.A.

Taylor Ratliff

Science Teacher

Spelman College, B.S.; Lehman College, M.S.

Thomas Rooke

English Teacher & English Department Coordinator

Northwestern University, B.A., Brooklyn College, M.A.

Tom James

Math Department Head

Yale University, B.S.; New York University, M.S.; Columbia University, Teachers College, M.Ed.

Victoria Huber

10th Grade Level Leader & English Teacher

University of California, Los Angeles, B.A.; Marian University, M.A.T.

Wendell Cheung

Director of Instruction & Deputy Principal

New York University, B.S., New York University, M.A., City University of New York, M.A.

Wendy Martinez-Calixto

English Teacher

Clark University, M.A.

Yashira Ramos

Operations Program Coordinator

BMCC, A.A.; Brooklyn College, B.A.; CUNY School of Professional Studies, M.A.

Zahra Rehman

Science Department Head

George Washington University, B.S.; George Washington University, M.S.

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