High School Hosts Career Day for Juniors and Seniors - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

High School Hosts Career Day for Juniors and Seniors

What better way to get a taste of life after college than to get up close and personal with a plethora of career professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners themselves? That’s precisely what Brooklyn Prospect High School juniors and seniors got to do on Career Day in January.

“We had a great turnout,” said Tresha Ward, Chief Executive Officer of Prospect Schools, who participated as a Career Day volunteer. “Not just in terms of the kids who eagerly participated, but a great turnout of speakers and guests who were from various sectors. We had a judge, representatives from business, real estate law, and many others. It was great exposure for our kids and our students asked so many wonderful questions.”

Prospectors got to hear up close from a wide swath of professionals, as the program’s meet-and-greet format offered an opportunity for students to spend time with several of them. Prospectors picked their top six of the nearly 40 volunteer professionals to learn from. They then rotated to the volunteer tables, where they got a rundown of what a day in the life of the person’s work life is like. They got the chance to ask questions and engage in discussion. 

Companies represented included corporations such as Barclays, Macy’s, the Corcoran Group, and Endeavor Air, a subsidiary of Delta Airlines, and smaller organizations such as the Teachers and Writers Collaborative, FirstXFounder, and Parish PR. There were also quite a few entrepreneurs, such as owners of restaurants, public relations firms, and psychology practices. 

The atmosphere was energetic. Prospectors, some dressed like they were going for a job interview, networked, shook hands, took notes, handed out resumes, and asked many questions.

This was the second time Derek Amos, who designs and implements data center infrastructure for Dell, volunteered for the event. 

“It’s so rich, and the information that I can hear the other volunteers speaking about is totally valuable,” he said. “The kids are passing me their resumes, and it’s great. I’m here for it.”

Tarik Ward, the husband of CEO Ward, who works in Philanthropy, said he makes it a point to volunteer for career days. 

“It’s always one of my favorite things to do to share my experiences with young people—make their worlds just a little bit bigger, to see the light bulbs come on when you convince them that you can do different things. That, to me, is just the best,” Ward said. “I wanted to do a little bit more. I would love the opportunity to spend more time and really give them an opportunity to explore, ideate, and dream a little about what they could do in this world.” 

Career Day, sponsored by the IB department, was planned and produced by John Ianello, Career Counselor / CAS Coordinator, with support from the Director of Academic Programs, the College Counseling Office, and the 11th and 12th Student Affairs Managers.