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Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.  What makes Brooklyn Prospect unique?
A.  A small and tight knit school community, BPCS offers families a 13 year program for grades K through 12. This consistency and longevity allow our students to:
  • Focus on academics, instead of being overwhelmed by the middle and high school application process which can be so stressful
  • Enjoy individualized attention; with a student:faculty ratio of 9:1, every teacher in the building knows our students
  • We have truly excellent teachers. Our faculty is comprised of seasoned educators who are masters of their subject areas. Our educators have an average of 7 years of experience, hold advanced degrees, and collectively speak over 15 different world languages. 
  • Benefit from an extraordinarily diverse learning enviornment. We have students and teachers from a large variety of backgrounds and together they achieve a higher quality education.
Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is one of the few non-selective, K-12 schools in New York City offering the International Baccalaureate program
Q.  Is school lunch served?
A. For breakfast and lunch, BPCS contracts with a healthy food options vendor, Revolution Foods. Free and reduced price lunch is also available through our food vendor.
Q.  What are school hours for students?
A.  Link here for each school's start and end times.  
Q. Will after school be offered?
A. A variety of after-school enrichment activities are available to all students. Programs are designed to meet their needs and interests.
Q. My child has an IEP or is receiving other special services, can you accommodate his/her needs?
A.  We work with the student’s Committee on Special Education to accommodate our students and their individual learning needs. 
Q. Does your school provide services for English Language Learners?
A.  Yes, services are available to support students who are English Language Learners. 
Q. Does Brooklyn Prospect have a school uniform policy? 
A.  Brooklyn Prospect students in grades K-8 are expected to wear school uniforms and are asked to adhere to the dress code. High school students are not required to wear uniforms. 
Are there school buses available for students?
A. School busing is available only for elementary school students and is provided by the NYC Office of Pupil Transportation ("OPT"). Eligibility is determined by OPT.  
Q. What documents do I need to provide for proof of residency or free/reduced lunch status?
A. Please refer to the admissions page for details on eligibility requirements.