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Welcome to Brooklyn Prospect Elementary

The early years of a child’s schooling are an important and magical time, not only for students but for all family members. At BPCS Elementary we take great pride in opening young minds to the wonders of exploring, problem solving, reading and being part of a learning community.  We also value welcoming our parents and families into our diverse and nurturing community. Children arrive at our doors with wide eyes, open minds, and big hearts. Using our co-teaching model we provide a safe, exciting and friendly space for them to grow into confident, balanced, knowledgeable students. Using the pillars of the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Program, we encourage our students to take a deep interest in their communities, neighborhoods and the world. Our teachers facilitate student-centered classrooms and constantly provide opportunities for students to take risks and communicate in pursuit of those things about which they most care.

Located in downtown Brooklyn we are situated near some of the most well known and regarded landmarks in the world. Our students have the opportunity to see and hear the international diversity of New York, touch and experience superstructures like the Brooklyn Bridge, and taste the variety of their home dishes of their classmates.

Welcome to Brooklyn Prospect, a student centered, diverse learning community built on the principles of the International Baccalaureate Program.



Jumaane Saunders
Elementary School Principal

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Elementary School Profile from Brooklyn Prospect on Vimeo.