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COVID-19 Updates & Information

We’re excited to see you for 5 days of in-person learning this fall! Here is the 2021-2022 calendar. Have a great summer!

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FAQs: COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

  • My student is attending Summer Camp. What health & safety protocols do I need to be aware of?

    All individuals (adults and students; vaccinated or not) must wear masks inside school buildings when not eating. Face masks are not required to be worn outdoors on school grounds, including during outdoor sports.

    Prospect Schools will discontinue weekly random COVID-19 testing unless mandated by the state.

    Families still must complete the Daily Health Surveys

    No visitors will be allowed in school buildings

    Windows will be open where possible to facilitate cross-ventilation and air purifiers will remain

    Limited indoor and outdoor events will be allowed

    P.E., limited sports, group recess activities may resume

    Limited field trips will be allowed

    Prospect Schools strongly recommends vaccination for eligible students

  • What is Prospect Schools' approach to vaccinations?

    Prospect Schools believes in the efficacy of vaccines to get kids and adults back in school safely, and strongly urge all who are eligible to get vaccinated. Vaccination will be vitally important to reopening this fall, and we are heartened to share that 85% of Prospect Schools faculty and staff are on their way to full vaccination. As with other student vaccination requirements, we will follow guidance from the the city and state.

    Recently, we held a series of Vaccine Info Webinars that featured professional advice from a diverse group of medical experts. You can watch recordings of those events via the links below!

    Webinar with Dr. Kola Okuyemi

    Vaccine Info Webinar with Drs. Ramirez and Perea
  • Will my student be tested for COVID-19 at school during the 2021-2022 school year?

    No, we will not be conducting onsite COVID-19 testing unless mandated by the state.
  • What is the daily health screening?

    The daily health screening is a mandatory survey that all students and adults must complete every day they are in the building for in-person learning. The survey (which is required by the NY State Dept. of Health) asks questions about travel history, fever, COVID exposure, or other factors that may impact an individual's ability to learn or teach in person.
  • Who receives the results of my student's daily health screening?

    All information submitted via the daily health screening is personal and confidential. Only essential administrative personnel have access to this information, and, in the case that a COVID-19 case is suspected or confirmed, no identifying personal details are shared in the school community, to protect privacy.
  • How will I learn about a positive COVID case at my school?

    As we continue to hold in-person learning, Prospect Schools is working hard to keep families and staff informed about any instances in which a positive COVID-19 case comes into contact with your school community. This protocol is being enacted in an effort to keep all stakeholders informed about the health and safety of our school communities. Depending on the scenario, families can expect to receive email communications from their Principals about any suspected or known instances in which a positive COVID case came into contact with the school. Please be sure to read these communications carefully, as they contain important information about your child's school.
  • What happens if my child is identified as a 'close contact'?

    A "close contact" is defined as anyone who was within 6 feet of a person who tested positive for COVID-19 for at least 10 minutes or shared a classroom / classroom-like space with that person for more than 10 minutes during their infectious period. Unvaccinated close contacts must quarantine for 10 days from their last exposure; asymptomatic close contacts who are vaccinated will not have to quarantine. All close contacts must monitor symptoms for 14 days. You are still a close contact even if you wore a face mask! A contact of a close contact does not need to quarantine or get tested.
  • If someone in my family is identified as a close contact, does my student have to quarantine?

    A contact of a close contact does not need to quarantine or get tested.

FAQs: Summer & Fall 2021 Plans

  • Will there be any Summer 2021 program this year?

    Yes! We are offering a Summer Enrichment Camp open to all students who are (rising) 1st-11th graders. All families will have received sign up information from your school, so please contact your school's office if you still need that information.
  • Will my child attend school in person 5 days a week next Fall?

    Prospect Schools is committed to making sure all children can have a strong return to school next year, and we’re hard at work planning for a 5-day in person school week this fall. Based on a family survey we conducted earlier this spring, an overwhelming majority of survey respondents (83%) indicated that they would be comfortable sending their child(ren) to school for 5 days a week of in-person instruction this fall.

    School teams have launched Fall Planning Task Forces to work on fall programming at each school in our network. Right now, these faculty/staff teams are considering school program schedules, student social emotional supports, academic design, and afterschool programming. Continued input from our families is a critical part of our planning process, so we will be reaching out for additional feedback in the months ahead.
  • Will there be busing for the 2021-2022 school year?

    We are planning on utilizing the city-provided NYCDOE busing system next year. We are waiting to hear from the Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) about next year. As soon as we have an update from OPT, we’ll share with families.

General FAQs

  • How do I contact my school?

    You can find the contact information for your school on our Contact Page

School Food

Starting June 28, 2021 and through the summer, all New Yorkers can receive free “Grab & Go” meals across the city. No registration, documentation, or ID is required. Meals locations are open to children, families, and the general public daily, Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Vegetarian meals are available at all locations, and Kosher and Halal meals are offered at select locations. Locations will be searchable using the online tool, or via the School Food app, beginning June 25.

Find A DOE Meal Hub Near You

Remote Learning Devices

Please contact your school program office if you need a device. The devices are Android A50 phones that come with data access upon request.

If you need assistance with your device, please call the Prospect Schools IT Team at 718.643.1086, ext. 4957 between 9 am – 5 pm.

Remote Learning Resources

Please visit the following links to access your school’s remote learning pages. We recommend bookmarking these pages for easy access.