Brooklyn Prospect Class of 2024 College Decision Day: A Celebration of Success! - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Brooklyn Prospect Class of 2024 College Decision Day: A Celebration of Success!

On May 15th, Brooklyn Prospect High School (BPHS) witnessed a truly momentous occasion – College Decision Day for the graduating Class of 2024! The energy in the gym was electric as 140 seniors proudly walked across the stage, one by one, revealing their college choices to a cheering audience of family, friends, and teachers.

This year’s ceremony was particularly special, marking a series of incredible milestones achieved by these outstanding students. Here’s a glimpse of what made it so remarkable:

  • Unmatched Acceptance Rate: A staggering 100% of the Class of 2024 secured college acceptances – a truly remarkable feat!
  • Diverse Paths: Whether locking in Early Decision to one top college, filling up all 20 spots on their Common App, or exploring pathways to plumbing or aviation certification, each student charted their own course toward higher education. (92% of the Class attending 4-year colleges, 5% attending 2-year colleges, and 3% pursuing trade, certification, or a gap year)
  • A Wealth of Opportunities: Collectively, the class received a phenomenal 1,180 acceptances – an average of eight per student! This speaks volumes about their academic prowess and the exceptional guidance they received.
  • Global Aspirations: The spirit of adventure is alive! Twelve graduating seniors will be taking their education internationally, attending institutions in Canada, England, Taiwan, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Italy.
  • Financial Aid Triumph: Academic excellence was matched by financial success. The class of 2024 secured 60 full-ride scholarships, including over 50 HEOP awards and prestigious honors like KEEP, Millenium STEM, and Posse Foundation scholarships.

Tresha Ward, CEO of Prospect Schools, delivered heartfelt remarks, commending the graduating class for their dedication and resilience. She highlighted the importance of the school community in supporting students’ journeys.

“I went to a very large high school in the Bronx where I was one of hundreds of students and if it wasn’t for my counselors and a couple of key teachers who kind of picked me out of the crowd, I wouldn’t be standing here as a first generation college student, as a Posse scholar, as an alum of Vanderbilt and Stanford,” Ward said. “I think the great thing about Brooklyn Prospect is that none of our seniors need to worry about being picked out of the crowd because every single one of you has a village around you and the adults here know your story. You are seen, you are loved, you are pushed, and we’re just excited to be able to see what you are able to do. And today is the first step towards that journey.” 

Three young BPHS alumni from years prior addressed the class to share their best advice about life after BPHS.

Miles Shriver, an alum from the Class of 2020 who had just earned his BA from Temple University the previous week, said “without risk, there is no reward.” 

“Taking risks offers temporary discomfort, but permanent rewards and permanent benefits,” Shriver said. “Have fun, do you thing.”

Gratitude flowed freely as seniors Maria Herrera, Reem Abdul-Mutakabbir, and Patrick Greene expressed their heartfelt thanks to their families, each speaking in their native language – Spanish, Arabic, and English.

“Thank you for loving and guiding us. Thank you for nurturing our ability to see a future that aligns with the values you taught us,” Greene said.

Wrapping up the ceremony, Principal Kylie Taylor shared her excitement for the graduates’ future endeavors. She emphasized the incredible opportunities that lie ahead, encouraging them to learn, explore, and discover on their unique paths.

The event concluded with a beautiful blessing led by the Director of College, Enuma Menkiti, and a diverse group of parents. The blessing, reflecting a tapestry of cultural traditions, resonated deeply with the audience, sending the graduates off with love and positive energy.

The Class of 2024’s College Decision Day was a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the unwavering support of the Brooklyn Prospect community. Congratulations to these exceptional young adults! The future is bright!