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Frequently Asked Admission Questions

 Below are some answers to questions that we frequently receive about our admissions process.  Please read them thoroughly before contacting the office with your questions.  Thank you!

Do I have to complete an application before I attend a prospective student information session?
Is my student’s OSIS number required in order to submit an application to Brooklyn Prospect?
      No.  However, if your student is applying for the free or reduced lunch preference, we will likely need your OSIS number to verify that status.  If you are applying for free/reduced lunch preference, please include your student’s OSIS number if possible.


We have a student at Brooklyn Prospect and would like to exercise sibling preference for our other child, do we need to complete an application?

     Yes. Please complete an application and notify the school office by email to
Why does the Brooklyn Prospect lottery offer an admissions preference to free and reduced lunch students?
     Brooklyn Prospect is deeply committed to building a student body that represents diverse backgrounds.  We believe that all students should have the opportunity to learn in a classroom side-by-side with students who look and think differently than they do.  By giving admissions preference to students who qualify for free or reduced priced lunch, we are able to maintain a socio-economically diverse student population.

 If I apply my twins, and, pursuant to the lottery, one is offered admission but the other is not, is the one who is not offered a seat automatically offered a seat under your sibling preference?
Yes, both students are assigned the lower lottery number.

If I do not live in School District 15, can my student apply for the Brooklyn Prospect admissions lottery?
    Yes.  Any student, appropriately aged for our grades, can apply for our admissions lottery.  However, we first offer available seats to siblings, then to District 15 residents.  For our 2010-11 school year we did have enough seats for all district applicants, and therefore did not extend offers to those on the out-of-district list.  But, it is possible that we would, at some point during the school year, offer a seat to an out-of-district family.

We do not live in district 15 (in accordance with Brooklyn Prospect’s district residency verification through the NYC Department of City Planning) but my student currently attends a district 15 elementary school.  Are we eligible for the Brooklyn Prospect district 15 lottery preference?
    No. Only students who RESIDE within the school district 15 borders are eligible for in-district preference in our lottery.  Elementary school district has no effect on a student’s application with us.

Can our family, including our student applicant, take a tour of the school before we apply?
    No.  Unfortunately we are not, at this time, staffed to offer school tours before our April lottery.  Tours will be offered in the spring to all parents/guardians whose students are offered seats at Brooklyn Prospect.  
    We hope all families who are interested in our school will attend one of our Prospective Student Information Sessions.  During these sessions, students and their families will have an extensive opportunity to learn about our school program, meet school leaders and ask questions. Please refer to our admissions page for more details on information sessions. 
How do I place my student on the waitlist for admission to Brooklyn Prospect for the current school year?
    All seats (6th, 7th, and 8th grades) at Brooklyn Prospect are currently full. If you would like to add your student’s name to our waitlist, please send an email to and include the following information:         STUDENT’S FULL NAME
                                                                     DATE OF BIRTH
                                                                     CURRENT SCHOOL /GRADE
                                                                     HOME ADDRESS
                                                                     PARENT PHONE NUMBER
                                                                     PARENT EMAIL ADDRESS

Thank you for your interest in Brooklyn Prospect Charter School.