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April 11 2012


High Performing Middle School and New High School Receive More Than One Thousand Applications for Grades 6 - 9

April 5, 2012 (Brooklyn, NY) —Brooklyn Prospect Charter School (BPCS), which will welcome its first class of ninth graders this fall, announced record demand for seats for the 2012-13 school year. The school received 1,031 applications—600 from within District 15—for just 140 seats in grades six through nine.

Demand for seats at BPCS has risen steadily since the middle school opened in 2009.  The school, one of just a few non-selective public schools in New York City following the International Baccalaureate program, received more than 230 applications for just 30 open high school seats (the majority of BPCS’s eighth graders plan to remain in the school). The applicant pool reflects the ethnic and socio-economic diversity of the school. Prospective students come from over 200 different elementary and middle schools and 40 percent are eligible for free or reduced price lunch.

“Three years ago we set out to open a diverse, high-performing public school that would prepare students for a global world and we’re proud of how far we’ve come,” said Daniel Rubenstein, BPCS’s co-founder and executive director.  “This year, we’ll open our high school and are excited about the overwhelming response we’ve received from our local community. We owe our success to a well-rounded curriculum, dedicated and highly-trained teachers and involved parents, which together are putting our students on a path to college and career success.”


“The word is clearly out about Brooklyn Prospect and we couldn’t be happier to be part of this wonderful community,” said parent Tricia Krug. “We were drawn to the school because of its unique approach to teaching and learning and are thrilled our sons will have the opportunity to graduate from BPCS.”


Brooklyn Prospect pairs students with excellent teachers in a college preparatory environment using the pillars of the International Baccalaureate program. This unique program prepares the school’s diverse student body for success as global citizens and helps students develop a love of learning that provides the foundation for personal and professional success in an interconnected world. 


Brooklyn Prospect teaches 21st century skills, fosters peer collaboration, encourages personal reflection, promotes community service and creative problem solving, and prepares students for a global workforce by developing fluency in a second language in either Spanish or Mandarin.



March 5 2012


Please join us at our Spring Gala on May 17! 
Early Bird pricing will be available through April 19 at $50.00 per ticket. After April 19, tickets will revert to $60.00 per ticket.  
Drinks (may be purchased in bundles of 10):

1 drink ticket - water or soft drink
3 drink tickets - beer or wine
4 drink tickets - hard drink

5 drink tickets - Brooklyn Prospect Punch
 *A limited number of "event staff" tickets are available at $35, members of the event staff must work at least 1.5 hours during the gala. Please email us at 
February 7 2012
We are thrilled to invite you to our second annual Math and Science Night. Families will have a chance to view and interact with student exhibitions that showcase the range of topics covered so far this year. Join us! 
When: Thursday, February 9, 2012 Where: 500 19th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215 Time: 6:30pm to 7:15pm, followed by PTSO meeting 
February 4 2012

With the help of some twenty professionals from our community, Brooklyn Prospect students  set aside classes for a morning, and instead considered possible careers that might help guide their high school goal setting. Media, design, public relations, sports management, law, health industry and music professionals joined our 8th graders to discuss, answer questions and in some cases, experiment with a project related to the day to day work of the various professions.

In one classroom, would be media moguls worked with an investigative reporter for the New York Times to capture exciting headlines and develop robust storylines.  Down the hallway, another group was enraptured by the day to day decisions a law enforcement officer faces.  Students working with a public health professional responded with solemn, yet extraordinarily creative and thoughtful approaches that might help expand access and use medical services for underserved populations in Africa and Asia.

All in all our career experts gave Brooklyn Prospect students a lot to consider, and offered a more detailed understanding of the excitement a career can bring.  Our 8th grade students were deeply engaged in the opportunity and finished the event feeling excited and energized to consider setting high school goals that will lead them to successful college and life careers!

Please link for a reporter's view.




February 1 2012


As a relatively new public school, committed to serving a highly diverse student population, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School understands the importance of connecting with one’s community from the start. One of our goals is to show our middle school students the power of service to others.

With that in mind, this past December, student leaders turned what began as a small idea into a big challenge to all of our students to collect and donate as many books as they could to local doctor’s offices.  Their goal, likely taken from a message that reverberates throughout our school, was to send a message about the importance of reading to and with young children whenever possible.

Sister Act provided some incentive that charged our students up and ultimately helped them understand their own role and the value in building a bridge to their community.  The possibility of attending a Broadway show together set off a firestorm of fun around this service project. The importance of reading outside of the classroom became a message that travelled from our small school into our community.  The result: our students collected some 1000 books that they donated to local doctors’ offices committed to prescribing and teaching the importance of reading outside the classroom to the parents of their patients-many who are themselves new to the community and have not had educational opportunity in their lives.

Our students now see that they have the power to become future healers of their world. They are looking for more service projects.  A simple small deed became a large opportunity for Brooklyn Prospect students who have tasted the positive effect each and every one of them can have in their community and world.



January 17 2012

8th grade students will have the opportunity this morning to take part in presentations by various experts in their career field. 




January 15 2012

We are pleased to announce that Kim Raccio will join Brooklyn Prospect as Founding High School Principal. Our high school program will officially open under Kim’s leadership in September 2012.

Click here for brief details on Principal Raccio's appointment!

December 30 2011

On Wednesday, December 21st, 2011, Councilman Brad Lander of District 39 visited Brooklyn Prospect to speak with members of the Current Events Club. Students were treated to a group interview, presentation and discussion with their community representative, and gained more knowledge about the immediate issues that our community faces. 


November 14 2011
F and G Train Changes at 15th Street-Prospect Park West and Fort Hamilton Parkway, Beginning Monday, November 14th
Beginning this Monday, November 14th, Coney Island-bound F and Church Avenue-bound G subway trains will be skipping the 15th Street-Prospect Park West and Fort Hamilton Parkway stations.  These stations will be bypassed until the Spring of 2012.
The changes are part of the ongoing rehabilitation of the Culver Viaduct.  For service to those stations, you can take the F or G train to Church Avenue, and switch to a Jamaica-bound F or Court Square-bound G train.
For service from those stations, you can take a Jamaica-bound F or Court Square-bound G train to 7th Avenue, and transfer to a Coney Island-bound F or Church Avenue-bound G train.
November 8 2011

Congratulations to Taiyan, Jessica, and Lena for their extraordinary performance in BP's round of the 2011-12 Scripps Spelling Bee! These three students will be representing the school in the Brooklyn East Regionals later this year.