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February 9 2016

Join us! This year we are celebrating yet another milestone - our first high school graduating class. Don't miss it - get your tickets today!


February 1 2016

Join us - Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is hosting a conference for teachers of all languages! This year’s theme is: "Speaking their language: Incorporating Technology in the World Language Classroom". Presenters will lead sessions providing research-based insights and practical tools that educators will be able to use the next day! We hope to see you there!

Click here to sign up & for more details!

January 8 2016


Applicant families are strongly encouraged to read through our admissions processes and preferences to determine eligibility and calendar important dates.

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December 22 2015

On Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015, Brooklyn Prospect Charter High School welcomed a special visit by Councilmember Brad Lander and part of his staff to the Windsor Terrace Campus.

Councilman Lander, representing Brooklyn's District 39, spoke to high school students at a special 12th grade student assembly, followed by an intimate Q&A session, also led by students. There, he discussed his career and efforts towards social justice, and students questions centered in particular with the power of local politics in enacting meaningful change, and the obstacles individuals face in pursuing political careers.

Spearheaded by high school humanities teacher Ms. Layton and high school learning specialist Ms. Cohen, the event wrapped up a critical social studies unit in which students grapped with the essential question: what is the role of politicians in social movements? 

"Successful implementation of government policy often requires cooperation among many levels of government as well as other public and private institutions. Conflicts between different levels of government sometimes emerge due to different goals, ideas, and resources regarding creation and implementation of policy." said Ms. Layton. "Some social movements employ "direct action" to achieve their aims, and see a minimal role for government.  Other movements see politicians as vital partners in common goals.  How does Councilmember Lander see his role in social movements?  What is his involvement in social movements?"

As 12th grade students continued to grapple with the essential question, Councilmember Brad Lander also spent part of his visit touring the campus, as well as sitting in a meeting held by by 11th and 12th grade representatives from the High School Leadership Society. These representives where there to present their powerpoint presentation and proposal for "Astroturf at Greenwood Park", an initiative which they submitted earlier this year to the Councilmembers office.

It was a delight to host you at the school, Councilman!

December 1 2015

A School Grows in Brooklyn: December 2016 Newsletter
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This is a big year for Brooklyn Prospect! In 2016, we will be graduating our first cohort of 12th graders and sending them off to competitive colleges and universities. 

Luyen Chou
Christine Burke
Anne Burns
Elizabeth Varley Camp
Stacey Hightower
Jill Inbar
Pearl Rock Kane, Ed.D.
Sam Koch, Esq.
Kevin Mole
Candice Olson
David Von Spreckelsen

Keep up with Brooklyn Prospect Charter School!

In this issue:

College Preparations Underway 

This is a big year for Brooklyn Prospect! We will be graduating our first 12th grade class in June. Since freshman year, each student from the graduating class of 2016 has met extensively with College Guidance Counselor Colin Kuusisto to explore college options. Since then, nearly all our students have visited a variety of college campuses, and recently sent off their first wave of college applications. 
Here's what they've had to say:
"So far, SUNY Plattsburgh has been the most appealing - their campus has reached out to me a few times. I'm interested in sports journalism, so when I go I want to focus on what's going to make me successful." - Kyle E., Grade 12, Class of 2016

"My top three colleges are Goucher College, Ithaca College, and Stevenson University.... I'm looking forward to the end of the year, when I hope that all the work I put in pays off!" - Isabel S., Grade 12, Class of 2016

Brooklyn Prospect in the Arts

Four IB Diploma Program dance students were selected for Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)'s prestigious Fall Dance Insider Program this year. These students joined an elite cohort of 15 students selected from all five boroughs to attend performances and workshops led by the professional dance artists of BAM’s 2015 Next Wave Festival.

This year's artists include Souleymane Badolo (2015 BAM Artist-in-Residence), Seán Curran Company and Urban Bush Women, all who are presenting New York premieres at BAM.

"I am very shy, but Solo [BAM's 2015 Artist-in Residence] pulled me into the center of the dance floor to improvise - I wouldn't have gone in by myself at all!" - Patricia C., Grade 11, Class of 2017.

"I'll remember something Seán Curran said, which was that 'music drives the movements'. I never thought of it that way before." - Nicole J., Grade 11, Class of 2017

"The styles were based on African and modern dance so it's encouraged me to branch out more." - Kate G., Grade 11, Class of 2017




BPCS on DNAInfo-New York

Brooklyn Prospect began the school year featured in several national and local news outlets, which highlighted the school's cutting-edge curriculum. What makes Brooklyn Prospect different? Read more on DNAInfo:

"How One School Bucks City's Racially Segregated Gifted Talented System"


Interested in Our School Program? 

Applications are now online! 

Brooklyn Prospect is a high-achieving and non-selective, K-12 International Baccalaureate public school in NYC. We are united to provide a quality education to a diverse student body. This is the very reason we exist, and the core of our mission that unites our community in healthy collaboration.

We are committed to preparing students to become global citizens and  develop the love of learning that is the foundation for lifelong personal and academic success. Please join us on this journey.


Swimming Partnership with YMCA

Thanks to a new partnership with the Dodge YMCA in Brooklyn Heights, all 2nd grade students now take swimming lessons every Monday and Friday at Dodge YMCA. The swimming program provides our young students with much needed exercise and the opportunity to learn important life skills such as treading water, floating, breathing, and remaining calm in the water. We are thrilled to forge partnerships with organizations such as the YMCA to further transform student lives outside of the classroom.



Support Brooklyn Prospect!

Thank you to all of our friends and families who supported Brooklyn Prospect's two year capital campaign. With your support, we raised $734, 397 for capital improvements at our Windsor Terrace and Downtown Brooklyn campuses. 

But the fight is not yet over. We still need your help! Like all public charter schools, we receive less funding than traditional public schools. Every year, Brooklyn Prospect must supplement our needs with private donations from you, our friends and supporters. It is only with continued support that we are able to provide students with the additional, innovative programs which support the curriculum at the heart of our schools.  Gifts of any amount help us achieve our mission.
Thank you for helping us build the school of our dreams.


September 18 2015

Since its inception in 2008, Brooklyn Prospect has been dedicated to serving and reflecting the diversity of our surrounding communities. Not only do we believe that diverse schools provide greater opportunities for students to learn from one another, but we also believe that diverse schools invigorate and strengthen urban neighborhoods by bringing community members together. We hope to promote equality by ensuring that students from different backgrounds have the same educational opportunities.

To read the full article on DNAInfo, click here.
To read the full article on ChalkBeat, click here.
o read more on charter schools and school integration on the Century Foundation, click here. 

Brooklyn Prospect is proud to be a founding member of the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition.

May 14 2015

With great pleasure we share that Ingrid Wong has accepted our offer to join Brooklyn Prospect Charter School as our next high school principal.  Ms. Wong joins us this month to begin her transition.  She will collaborate with and follow in the footsteps of founding Principal Kim Raccio.

During the interview process, Ingrid was described by former colleagues as a collaborative team player, who is focused and very hard working, patient, direct, and adept at approaching problems from different angles, always finding the best solution.

An experienced school administrator, former founding college counselor and humanities teacher, Ingrid brings with her a wealth of experience gained in both public and private schools here in New York City. Her professional background has placed her on the ground working closely with educators, students and their families. Our first graduating class will surely benefit from her knowledge, contacts, and successful track record in college placement.

While serving as Assistant Principal at East Harlem School at Exodus House, Ms. Wong earned her M.A. in Curriculum and Teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University where she was the Recipient of Teachers College Department of Curriculum and Teaching Minority Scholarship. A graduate of Wesleyan University, where she was awarded the Butler Prize for History. Ms. Wong joins a growing list of BPCS employee and parent Wesleyan University alumni.

Most recently a Senior Director of High School Admissions at the Office of Student Enrollment, New York City Department of Education, Ingrid played a leading role in a system comprised of over 80,000 applicants a year and 700 programs.  

We are thrilled to welcome Ingrid.

May 13 2015



To all the parents, teachers, administrators, donors, online bidders, and volunteers who participated in our annual Spring Gala and Auction on Saturday, May 2nd — thank you for making it a tremendous success. The event brought close to 300 of our community members under one fun-filled roof, and sold over 184 auction items. Your generosity, energy, and commitment helped us to make this gala truly amazing.

This extraordinary fundraising effort will help close out our capital campaign to (1) build additional classrooms for the middle school in Windsor Terrace and (2) construct the rooftop playground at the downtown elementary school. On behalf of every child who will enjoy these spaces, we send you our gratitude.

We are thrilled so many of you came out to support our school on Saturday and grateful to everyone who donated their time and energy to make the gala and auction our best one yet. We know we speak for everyone when we say we feel lucky to be part of the growing, vibrant community that is Brooklyn Prospect.

Your generosity, energy, and commitment helped us to make this gala truly amazing. We will report on the final total raised - and the amount still to go toward our capital campaign goal in the coming week.
Yours in a job well done,
The Brooklyn Prospect Gala & Auction Committee

A night to remember:


April 28 2015

We are so pleased to announce that Carolyn Michael will be assuming principalship in our district 15 middle school in Windsor Terrace.  A longtime teacher, International Baccalaureate coordinator, and most recently, Youth Development & Counseling Department Head and Kindergarten -12 Academic Dean, Carolyn assumes the position from LaNolia Omowanile, our founding principal, who will move up to become Academic Director across all Brooklyn Prospect Schools.

As Brooklyn Prospect’s founding Math Teacher, Carolyn was instrumental in the development of the BPCS academic program. Later, in her capacity as Academic Dean, she spearheaded the school’s successful campaign for International Baccalaureate authorization and led the faculty in bringing the IB program to life within our school at the elementary, middle and high school levels.  

Ms. Michael holds a master's degree in Education Leadership from Columbia University's Teachers College, where she was awarded the prestigious Joseph Klingenstein Fellowship.  Prior to coming to Brooklyn Prospect, Ms. Michael served for two years as the Program Director of a private school for low-income families in East Harlem.  She also served administrative residencies alongside school leaders at Explore Charter School and Horace Mann.  Ms. Michael graduated with honors from Wellesley College and is fully certified as a School Building Leader in New York State.

Ms. Michael is passionate about making instruction meaningful and reaching all students. Her excellence in the classroom earned her the prestigious distinction of National Board certification in math instruction.  A globally-minded educator, she spent three years living and working in Senegal, West Africa as a member of the Peace Corps.  These days Ms. Michael stays closer to home, biking and hiking the paths of Prospect Park with her husband and two children.

We thank our extended community for their continuing support. 

April 10 2015

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is pleased to announce Carolyn Michael as Middle School Principal of Brooklyn Prospect’s Windsor Terrace campus beginning June 2015. Founding Principal LaNolia Omowanile, will be begin her maternity leave in early summer and is due to return in September as K-12 Academic Director.

"Carolyn brings the ideal combination of vision, experience and compassion to the role of middle school principal. As a founding teacher at BPCS, she has helped nurture the school community and will now use her influential voice and impressive leadership skills to guide the school through its next exciting era of growth," said Noa Meyer, a 1st grade parent who served on the parent interview panel.

Carolyn brings a wealth of academic and leadership expertise to her new role.  As a founding middle school teacher at Brooklyn Prospect since 2009, she has been instrumental in the development of our academic program.  In her current capacity as Academic Dean, she led the faculty in bringing the International Baccalaureate program to life within our school at the elementary, middle and high school levels.  In 2007, after serving as the Program Director of the East Harlem School at Exodus House for two years, Ms. Michael was awarded the Joseph Klingenstein Fellowship, which provided full funding for her to earn a master's degree in Education Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University.  Carolyn is fully certified as a School Building Leader in New York State.

A master teacher with over twelve years of experience, Carolyn is passionate about making instruction meaningful and reaching all students.  In 2009, her excellence in the classroom earned her the prestigious distinction of National Board certification in math instruction.  Alison Hess, an 8th and 11th grade parent and Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) co-president, said of Carolyn’s appointment, “I've known Carolyn Michael in her many roles at Brooklyn Prospect, first as founding math teacher. She is truly a terrific choice among the excellent candidates for principal of Brooklyn Prospect's new middle school.”

A globally-minded educator, Carolyn spent three years living and working in Senegal, West Africa as a member of the Peace Corps.  She loves languages and is fluent in French in addition to English. She also speaks Spanish, Pulaar, and Wolof and has studied Arabic.  Her international experience will enrich our new school community as it has shaped her vision for a globally-focused curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Program at Brooklyn Prospect.

We are thrilled that Carolyn will be leading our new middle school.  


To apply, please visit the admissions tab of our website.