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Our Mission

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is a K-12 college preparatory community where excellent teachers prepare a diverse student body to have a positive impact on society and a lifelong passion for learning.


Our Core Values Are:


Develop sound judgment and intellect by asking questions confidently and thinking critically


Value others by taking a local and global perspective and appreciating differences


Grow and learn by solving problems with determination, creativity and tenacity


Succeed by approaching challenges with excitement, enthusiasm and self-assurance


Dear Friends, 

As I walk through our hallways, I am incredibly gratified to observe Brooklyn Prospect’s mission coming to life in our classrooms every day. The ongoing hard work of dedicated educators, business leaders, community members, parents and students creates a robust twenty-first century academic program for our diverse student population.  During these years of growth, we are thrilled to welcome the new classes of Brooklyn Prospect Charter School.

Two Brooklyn fathers, Co-founder Luyen Chou and I conceived of the idea of a new school in response to the need for more quality, middle school options in our community. We set out to create a learning community that would provide a modern, world-class, academic experience for a diverse population. The guiding principle behind Brooklyn Prospect is a re-imagination of elementary, middle and high school education with the purpose of preparing students to thrive in a global, twenty-first century community. Through our commitment to excellent teachers, curriculum developed to provide an international viewpoint, modern pedagogy, and a program designed to serve a diverse student body, we believe Brooklyn Prospect offers a unique education experience to Brooklyn families.

We opened on September 8, 2009 to one hundred sixth grade students. Now a 13-year, kindergarten through 12th grade program, we are grateful for the support of so many, and look forward to serving our community for years to come. We hope you continue to read through this site to discover the full breadth of educational opportunity we have to offer.

Daniel Kikuji Rubenstein
Executive Director