Extracurricular Activities

Brooklyn Prospect Fosters Student Leadership

As they mature, Brooklyn Prospect students are also expected to lead themselves in developing their full potential in arts, sports, and other domains. Each campus provides ample opportunity for students to pursue interests beyond traditional academic subjects, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our Downtown Brooklyn elementary students explore dance, art, community, and world language. At the Windsor Terrace middle and high school campus, students have the ability to participate in or take on leadership roles in 30+ extracurricular student organizations and athletic teams.

Sample Middle & High School Sports:




Flag Football
Girls Soccer 
Girls Volleyball

Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball

Boys Lacrosse
Girls Softball
Boys Baseball

Please note, BPCS High School teams are part of the New York City Charter School Athletic Association.


The Elementary School After-School program is a safe, fun, and enriching experience open to all BPCS DT elementary students at a low-cost, hourly rate. See below for a sampling of opportunities, which is subject to change depending on the season. 


Brooklyn Prospect's Middle School All Access After School program is FREE and available to all middle school students.
Programming is offered 5 days a week.


High School clubs are developed around faculty and student interest, and require a staff member sponsor.  Many clubs accept students on a rolling basis. Below are examples of extracurricular sports that may be offered this year.