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Title Position / Class E-mail
Mrs. Akinola-Pinard K Lead Teacher, Leadership Resident fakinola-pinard@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Andrus 7th Grade Math Teacher mandrus@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Bai 6th-8th Grade Mandarin Teacher mbai@brooklynprospect.org
Mrs. Bailey-Douglas Dean of Students sdouglas@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Beerman 7th Grade Humanities rbeerman@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Benzel 9th Grade Math Teacher, IB Mathematics SL (Standard Level), and TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Teacher ebenzel@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Botia-Lam 9th Grade Math Teacher and Learning Specialist
Mr. Bracciano 6th Grade Humanities Teacher cbracciano@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Brink-Washington HS SSS Department Head, Environmental Science Teacher dbrink-washington@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Britton 7th Grade Science Teacher, 7th Grade Advisory Coordinator cbritton@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Brooks
9th Grade Spanish
Ab Initio Spanish Teacher
World Language Dept. Head
Ms. A. Brown 7-11th Grade Dance Teacher, Arts & PE Department Head abrown@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. M. Brown Math & Science Coach mbrown@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Byers
Personal Project Coordinator
Mr. Caballero Dean of Students acaballero@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Cetrulo
IB Language A and IB History Teacher
Mr. Cheung
Math Dept. Head
Ms. Chica 8th Grade Science cchica@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Choi
Advisory Coordinator
Mrs. Colantuono K Resident Teacher mcolantuono@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Cordoba ES Spanish Teacher scordoba@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Czaja K Lead Teacher aczaja@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. DeLuca 6- 8th Grade Reading Teacher jdeluca@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Dotson MS Humanities Specialist kdotson@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Engelsberg 7th, 8th, 10th Grade Spanish Teacher aenglesberg@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Eveillard MS Youth Development/School Counselor
Ms. Eyster
MS SSS Department Chair
6th Grade ELA Learning Specialist
Ms. Flores Community and Admissions Coordinator mflores@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Frederick 9th Grade ELA Teacher tfrederick@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Gallager Librarian lesliegallager@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Garcia-Olavarria K Resident Teacher mgarcia@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Garstecki
6th Grade Learning Specialist (Math)
Special Education Coordinator
Ms. Goodis-Orenstein
7th Grade ELA Teacher
Middle School ELA/Humanities Dept. Head
Ms. M (Haddad-Friedman) Research Skills Teacher ehaddad-friedman@brooklynprospect.org
Mrs. Hanson 9th & 10th Learning Specialist (Science) rhanson@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Heim
Phys Ed Teacher
Athletics Coordinator
Mr. Hendrix II Dean of Students rhendrix@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Ip Elementary Resident Teacher mip@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Johnson 9th Grade Humanities Teacher jjohnson@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Jordan 9 &10th Learning Specialist (Math & Science) jjordan@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Kang 8th Grade Mandarin Teacher Jkang@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Kid
10th Grade Health Teacher
Physical Education Teacher
Ms. Kizershot 10th Grade English Teacher jkizershot@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Lartey Music Resident Teacher alartey@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Lawrence Elementary School Science Teacher tlawrence@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Lee High School Art Teacher ahlee@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Leigh Elementary School Afterschool Coordinator kleigh@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Leno
10th & 11th Grade Math Teacher
IB Math Studies SL Teacher
Ms. Liu 8th Grade Math Teacher kliu@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Madlock Middle School Reading Interventionist cmadlock@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Marsigliano K PE/Wellness Teacher tmarsigliano@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Matos Middle and High School Dance and PE Teacher
Ms. Mbaye 9th, 10th, 11th Math Teacher ambaye@brooklynprospect.org
Mrs. Michael
Youth Development & Counseling Department Head
K-12 Academic Dean
Ms. Milasi Elementary Lead Teacher mmilasi@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Morgan 10th Grade Science Teacher kmorgan@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Mulwanda Elementary Lead Teacher dmulwanda@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Nangle 11th Grade Humanities Teacher gnangle@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Park K Resident Teacher apark@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Pennings 11th Grade Science Teacher tpennings@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Pereira Design & Technology Teacher spereira@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Philitas 9th Grade Science Teacher mphilitas@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Pournaras 6th-8th Grade Spanish Teacher lpournaras@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Rabeharison Elementary School Dance Teacher mrabeharison@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Ratani 7th & 8th Grade Math Learning Specialist sratani@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Reed 11th Grade English & IB Humanities rreed@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Reynolds 7th & 8th grade ELA Learning Specialist preynolds@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Rizzo HS Program Aide
Ms. Rodea Elementary Music Teacher crodea@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Rosabal K Resident Teacher lrosabal@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Scourby 9th Grade ELA and 9th and 10th Grade Reading Teacher mscourby@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Shaked 9th-11th Grade Math and 11th Grade Humanties Learning Specialist sshaked@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Silva 9-11th Grade Spanish Teacher rsilva@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Sohn 6th Grade Math Teacher msohn@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Sussman 8th Grade ELA Teacher msussman@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Tao 9th-11th Grade Mandarin Teacher atao@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Thaker 6th Grade Science Teacher pthaker@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Tuffs 10th Grade Humanities Teacher gtuffs@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Turner Learning Specialist ELA 9-10 gturner@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Valente MS Guidance Counselor, ELA svalente@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Vandehey 1st Grade Lead Teacher, Grade Level Leader evandehey@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. K. Vaughan
9th Grade Design & Technology Teacher
MS & HS Science Dept. Head
Ms. J. Vaughan HS Youth Development/School Counselor jvaughan@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Conor Walsh 10th Grade Humanities Learning Specialist cwalsh@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Walsh Elementary and Middle School Artist-in-Residence awalsh@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Webb MS & HS Music & Drama Teacher wwebb@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Weintraub 6-8th Learning Specialist (Science) dweintraub@brooklynprospect.org