Faculty and Staff

Title Position / Class Education E-mail
Mrs. Akinola-Pinard K Lead Teacher, Leadership Resident
Wellesley College, B.A.
Columbia University Teachers College, M.A.
Ms. Andrus 7th Grade Math Teacher Duquesne University, B.S. mandrus@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Bai 6th-8th Grade Mandarin Teacher
SUNY Binghamton, B.A.
Hunter College, M.A. Candidate
Mrs. Bailey-Douglas Dean of Students University of Memphis, B.A. sdouglas@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Beerman 7th Grade Humanities
SUNY Geneseo, B.A.
Simmons College, M.A.T
Mr. Benzel 9th Grade Math Teacher, IB Mathematics SL (Standard Level), and TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Teacher
University of Colorado, B.S.
Teachers College at Columbia University, M.A.
Ms. Botia-Lam 9th Grade Math Teacher and Learning Specialist
New York University, B.A.
Queens College, M.A.
Mr. Bracciano 6th Grade Humanities Teacher
Michigan State University, B.A.
University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.S.
Mr. Brink-Washington HS SSS Department Head, Environmental Science Teacher
New York University, B.A.
City University of New York, M.S.
Ms. Britton 7th Grade Science Teacher, 7th Grade Advisory Coordinator
University of West Indies, B.S.
Gallaudet College, Brooklyn College of CUNY
Mr. Brooks
9th Grade Spanish
Ab Initio Spanish Teacher
World Language Dept. Head
Trinity University, B.A.
Harvard Graduate School of Education, M.Ed.
Zhejiang University, M.A.
Ms. A. Brown 7-11th Grade Dance Teacher, Arts & PE Department Head
​Spelman College, B.A.
Florida State University, M.F.A.
Ms. M. Brown Math & Science Coach
Northeastern University, B.A.
University of Texas-Austin, M.Ed.
Ms. Byers
8th Grade Humanities Teacher
Personal Project Coordinator
Smith College, B.A.
Columbia Teachers College, M.A.
Mr. Caballero Dean of Students State University of New York at Albany, B.A. acaballero@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Cetrulo
HS English/Humanities Dept. Head
IB Language A and IB History Teacher
Duke University, B.A.
University of Virginia, M.A.
Columbia Teachers College, M.Ed.
National Board Teaching Certification
Mr. Cheung
9th Grade Math Teacher
Math Dept. Head
New York University, B.S.
New York University, M.A.
Ms. Chica 8th Grade Science
Stony Brook University, B.S.- Health Science
Brooklyn College, M.A.
Ms. Choi
6th Grade ELA Teacher,
Advisory Coordinator
Duke University, B.A.
University of Pennsylvania, M.S.Ed.
Mrs. Colantuono K Resident Teacher
SUNY Cortland, B.A.
Touro College, M.A.
Mr. Cordoba ES Spanish Teacher
California State University, B.A.
City College of New York, M.A. Candidate
Ms. Czaja K Lead Teacher
Duke University, B.A.
Columbia University, M.A.
Ms. DeLuca 6- 8th Grade Reading Teacher
Macalester College, B.A.
Pace University, M.S.
Mr. Dotson MS Humanities Specialist
University of Massechusetts, B.A.
The New School for Social Research, M.A.
Ms. Engelsberg 7th, 8th, 10th Grade Spanish Teacher Brandeis University, B.A. aenglesberg@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Eveillard MS Youth Development/School Counselor
University of California - Santa Barbara, B.A.
Columbia University, M.S.W.
Columbia University, M.P.H.
Ms. Eyster
MS SSS Department Chair
6th Grade ELA Learning Specialist
Wesleyan University, B.A.
Saint Joseph's University, M.ed
Ms. Flores Community and Admissions Coordinator University of Texas, B.A. mflores@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Frederick 9th Grade ELA Teacher
University of Pittsburgh, B.A.
Carlow University, M.Ed.
Ms. Gallager Librarian
Trinity College, B.A.
Pratt Institute, M.S.L.I.S.
Ms. Garcia-Olavarria K Resident Teacher City College, B.A. mgarcia@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Garstecki
6th Grade Learning Specialist (Math)
Special Education Coordinator
Duquesne University, B.S.
Duquesne University, M.S.
Ms. Goodis-Orenstein
7th Grade ELA Teacher
Middle School ELA/Humanities Dept. Head
New York University, B.S.
Hunter College, M.A.
Ms. M (Haddad-Friedman) Research Skills Teacher
Bard College, B.A.
Bard College, M.A.T
Mrs. Hanson 9th & 10th Learning Specialist (Science) rhanson@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Heim
Phys Ed Teacher
Athletics Coordinator
Barry University, B.S.
American College of Education, M.A. Candidate
Mr. Hendrix II Dean of Students SUNY Potsdam, A.B.A. rhendrix@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Ip Elementary Resident Teacher
Binghamton University, B.S.
Hunter College, M.Ed.
Ms. Johnson 9th Grade Humanities Teacher
New York University, B.A
New York University, M.A.
Ms. Jordan 9 &10th Learning Specialist (Math & Science) Columbia University, B.S. jjordan@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Kang 8th Grade Mandarin Teacher
Northeast Normal University, China, B.A.
Peking University, China, M.A.
Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, Ed.M.
Ms. Kid
10th Grade Health Teacher
Physical Education Teacher
Binghamton University, B.A.
Hofstra University, M.S.
Ms. Kizershot 10th Grade English Teacher
St. Olaf College, B.A.
Naropa University, M.F.A.
University of Colorado, M.A.
New York University, M.A.
Mr. Lartey Music Resident Teacher alartey@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Lawrence Elementary School Science Teacher
Portland State University, B.A
Lewis And Clark College, MA Teaching
Ms. Lee High School Art Teacher
Carnegie Mellon University, B.F.A.
Columbia Teachers College, M.A.
Ms. Leigh Elementary School Afterschool Coordinator San Francisco State University, B.A. kleigh@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Leno
10th & 11th Grade Math Teacher
IB Math Studies SL Teacher
CUNY Queens College, B.A. mleno@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Liu 8th Grade Math Teacher kliu@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Madlock Middle School Reading Interventionist
Texas A&M University-Commerce, B.S.
Texas A&M University-Commerce, M.Ed.
Ms. Marsigliano K PE/Wellness Teacher tmarsigliano@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Matos Middle and High School Dance and PE Teacher City University of New York-Brooklyn College, B.S.
Ms. Mbaye 9th, 10th, 11th Math Teacher
Sacred Heart University, M.S.
The City College of New York, M.A.
Mrs. Michael
WT Middle School Principal
Youth Development & Counseling Department Head
K-12 Academic Dean
Wellesley College, B.A.
Columbia Teachers College, M.A.
National Board Teaching Certification
Ms. Milasi Elementary Lead Teacher
University of Maryland, B.A.
Hunter College, M.S.
Ms. Morgan 10th Grade Science Teacher
Stony Brook University, B.A. Africana Studies, minors in Chemistry and Biology
Lehman College, M.S. Science Education
Ms. Mulwanda Elementary Lead Teacher
Boston College, B.A.
Hunter College, MsEd
Mr. Nangle 11th Grade Humanities Teacher
Columbia University, B.A.
Columbia University, M.A. in American Studies
Ms. Park K Resident Teacher
Stony Brook University, B.S.
Columbia University Teachers College, M.A.
Ms. Pennings 11th Grade Science Teacher
Stanford University, B.S.
Stanford University, M. Ed.
Ms. Pereira Design & Technology Teacher
University of South Australia, B.A.
University of South Australia, M.A.
Ms. Philitas 9th Grade Science Teacher Harvard University, B.A. mphilitas@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Pournaras 6th-8th Grade Spanish Teacher
University of Rhode Island, B.A.
University of Rhode Island, M.A.
Ms. Rabeharison Elementary School Dance Teacher
Bard College, B.A.
Temple University, Ed.M
NYU Tisch, MA
Ms. Ratani 7th & 8th Grade Math Learning Specialist
Georgia State University, B.A.
University of Southern California, M.A.T
Ms. Reed 11th Grade English & IB Humanities
Boston College, BA
Teachers College, MA
Ms. Reynolds 7th & 8th grade ELA Learning Specialist
Bachelor's University at Albany
Master's Syracuse University
Ms. Rizzo HS Program Aide
CUNY City College, B.A.
CUNY City College, M.A. Candidate
Ms. Rodea Elementary Music Teacher Escuela Superior de Musica, City College of New York crodea@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Rosabal K Resident Teacher
New School, B.A.
Bank Street College of Education, M.S. Ed.
Mr. Scourby 9th Grade ELA and 9th and 10th Grade Reading Teacher
Saint Leo University, B.A.
Virginia Commonwealth University, M.Ed.
Mr. Shaked 9th-11th Grade Math and 11th Grade Humanties Learning Specialist
Touro College, M.Ed.
Ms. Silva 9-11th Grade Spanish Teacher
University of Central Florida, B.A.
Universidad de Salamanca, M.A.
Ms. Sohn 6th Grade Math Teacher
Emory University, B.A.
Harvard Graduate School of Education, M.Ed.
Ms. Sussman 8th Grade ELA Teacher
University of Arizona, B.A.
University of Arizona, M.F.A
Bank Street College of Education, M.S.
Mr. Tao 9th-11th Grade Mandarin Teacher
Changchun University of Science & Technology, B.A.
Long Island University, M.A.
Ms. Thaker 6th Grade Science Teacher
Williams College, B.A.
Teacher U Masters Program, Relay Graduate School of Education, M.A.
Mr. Tuffs 10th Grade Humanities Teacher
Colorado State University, B.A.
St. Joseph's University, M.A.
Ms. Turner Learning Specialist ELA 9-10
CUNY - City College, B.A.
Mercy College, M.A.
Ms. Valente MS Guidance Counselor, ELA
Purchase College, B.A.
Fordham University, M.S.ed.
Ms. Vandehey 1st Grade Lead Teacher, Grade Level Leader
University of Oregon, B.A.
Lewis and Clark College, M.A.T.
Ms. K. Vaughan
9th Grade Design & Technology Teacher
MS & HS Science Dept. Head
Stanford University, B.S.
Columbia Teachers College, M.A.
Ms. J. Vaughan HS Youth Development/School Counselor
Miami University, B.A.
Boston University, M.Ed.
Mr. Conor Walsh 10th Grade Humanities Learning Specialist Connecticut College, B.A. cwalsh@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Walsh Elementary and Middle School Artist-in-Residence
Parsons School of Design, B.F.A.
George Washington University, M.Ed.
Mr. Webb MS & HS Music & Drama Teacher
University of Minnesota, B.M.
New York University, M.F.A.
Ms. Weintraub 6-8th Learning Specialist (Science)
University of Delaware, B.S.
New York University, M.A.
Title Position / Class Education E-mail
Ms. Arias Registrar
St. John's University, B.S.
Long Island University, M.A. Candidate
Ms. E. Brown After School Program Coordinator Saint Mary's College, B.A. ebrown@brooklynprospect.org
Mrs. Cacho-Leary
Director of Downtown Operations
Business Manager
George Washington University, B.A.
Keller Graduate School of Management, M.B.A., M.S Candidate
Ms. Carmona High School Program Coordinator Long Island University, B.A. hscoordinator@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Chanda Operations Coordinator
Vassar College, B.A.
Columbia Teachers College, M.A.
Ms. Conigliaro Finance Coordinator
Kingsborough Community College, A.A.S
Brooklyn College, B.A.
Mr. Ellis Head of School Culture
Boston College, B.A.
Lehman College, M.A.
Ms. Farber Middle School Program Coordinator Stony Brook University, B.A. mscoordinator@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Forman Food Service Manager
Dickinson College, B.A.
French Culinary Institute, Culinary Degree
Ms. Grillo Human Resources Manager Eastern Michigan University, M.A., M.S. lgrillo@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Gutierrez Front Office Coordinator lgutierrez@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Jackson School Culture Aide seanjackson@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Kuusisto College Access Counselor
Quinnipiac University, B.A.
The New School, M.F.A.
Ms. Marchena Elementary School Program Coordinator Barnard College of Columbia University, B.A. escoordinator@brooklynprospect.org
Mrs. Marzulli
Deputy Executive Director
Director of Institutional Advancement
University of Richmond, B.A. pmarzulli@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Menezes Special Projects Coordinator Bucknell University, B.A. emenezes@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Molina School Aide
Mrs. Omowanile Middle School Principal
Oral Roberts University, B.S.
Columbia Teachers College, M.A.
Mr. Padilla School Aide University of Arizona, B.A. npadilla@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Peluso Food Service Assistant
Southern Connecticut State University, B.S.
Natural Gourmet Institute, Culinary Degree
Ms. Platt Operations Manager
Rutgers University, B.A.
Montclair State University, M.A.
Ms. Prince Director of Operations & Finance
Skidmore College, B.A.
University of New Haven, M.S.
Ms. Raccio High School Principal
Southern Connecticut State University, B.S.
Columbia University Teachers College, M.A.
University of Bath, Ed.D (in progress)
Ms. Rivera Purchasing Coordinator
College of Staten Island, B.A.
CUNY School of Professional Studies, M.A. Candidate
Ms. Rocco-Kim School Aide Pace University erocco@brooklynprospect.org
Mr. Rubenstein Executive Director
Hamilton College, B.A
St. John’s College, M.A.
Columbia Teachers College, M.Ed.
Mr. Saunders Elementary School Principal
Macalester College, B.A.
Teachers College at Columbia University, M.A.
Teachers College at Columbia University, M.Ed.
Ms. Shum Development and Communications Coordinator Wesleyan University, B.A. lshum@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Sierra Elementary School Social Worker
University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A.
Columbia University School of Social Work, MSW
Mrs. Susskind Speech Language Pathologist rsusskind@brooklynprospect.org
Ms. Thomas School Aide Delaware State University, B.A kthomas@brooklynprospect.org